Console Matrix Pvt. Ltd.



An innovative Tally Solutions from the pioneers of the remote computing, data center. Liberate yourself from the hassles of buying, managing and upgrading servers ,Software licenses. Use Tally Online to run Tally & other applications; anytime, anywhere using any device.

Your Tally and data is securely hosted on our servers. Tally can be accessed from any device that supports VPN, RDP protocol. What’s more, You can use your local printer to print the invoices / ledgers, etc. You can use your local disk to export or import your Tally data. From single user to multiple users, the data is accessible securely within your company / group.

We understand that keeping your financial / accounting data on the remote server is a very sensitive decision. That is the reason, we have kept data security as our topmost priority. In fact, keeping the data on remote & managed servers is more secure than keeping the server in your premises. Every Tally / user instance works in it’s own work-area which makes it very secure.


Run Tally Prime from Cloud, Anytime, Anywhere

Zero Annual Charges

No maintenance cost for Customer as Tally License and its valuable Data will be safely stored on cloud.

No need of Local Servers

Run Tally Prime Software from Cloud, Anytime, Anywhere without Local Costly Server.

Cost Effective Solution

Tally ERP Multi-User License, Data server will be provided by Tally-On-Cloud, so that you could save lot’s of money.